24 Jan 2014

Farewell Semester 1


My first semester doesn’t end well .  I’m just hoping for a miracle, and of course doa itu senjata orang mukmin.

Overall,  i’m just happy with my first trial of semester. Haha.. It is suffocating for being so fake in life right? Well, i take it as an iniative to adapt with the new environment i’m going to spent for 4 years, inshaALLAH. Frankly said, for the whole semester i am not being myself so much.  Maybe i should stop being selfish ek?

It’s quite hard to face something you wouldn’t interested to learn to. But it doesn’t matter if i don’t feel it too much and put it as a burden. You know, doesn’t mean i don’t like , ultimately i’m not going to do it.  It is about, how am i going to change my own perception. While i’m struggling so hard , it’s pain.

Well, i do begging mak to give a chance to change my course, because i seems so hard to find chemistry with some of the subjects.  Howeever mak didn't gave me any positive respond and willing my fulfilling. She even scold me . HAHA. I know, things would turn like this. Cari pasal sendiri.

 But her nagging was so impressive and i do ‘melatah’ and apparently started to change myself. Alhamdulillah la kan. In the end, i’m hoping i can stay longer there, face any hard times strongly.. nothings easy..

Welcome Semester 2.

Love. Peace be upon you.