29 Mar 2013


Assalamualaikum ;)
Guess what will going on in just a few more weeks??  I'm going out from KMNS. Officially out. Officially graduate..eccehh..if GOD wills it.. I'm gonna leave this place directly after the end of the last paper . I am so sure, all the students are looking forwards for that moment
Of course i am so happy..and slightly waiting for that time. Yeahhh..it was a long journey here..and its time for us having a rest for a while. Tired with books, tired with classess, tired with assignments..project here project there..tired of all sort of things here... at last..we are going for a ' vacation ' for maybe 4 months and something before we get into any IPT , in sha Allah..Amin ya Robbal Alamin.. does it really show that i'm so happy waiting for the time? Siapa je yang tak happy nak cuti ye tak? But, before the ' dreams come true ' there's something need to be settled..alah macam cerita cerita bedtime story, sebelum putera raja nak selamatkan tuan puteri, he will face some obstacles and put an effort to against in right? same goes here..we are having final exam for semester 2, in other words..last semester..(hikhikhik) and then....holidayyyyyy!
it was something undone here..here in my heart.. deeply. Can u see it? Of course not.
The heart is mine..me is the one and only who can feel my own feeling..
i do happy..and in the same time..i do feel so sad..harshly sad. damnly sad. some kind of feeling that really make me feel that i'm gonna lose something precious..is it really going to happen?
 The answer is....yes.
For sure, i am going far apart from my friends..maybe..not because they are not good enough for me or what so ever..but it is because we may need to reach our own goal..created our own journey in other places..where we might not be together along as what we are  having right now. Arghhhhh..why must this kinda feeling should be here..
Matrics..make us close. Makes my roomates , classmates and all friends that i know as part of my family..makes teachers as my parents here. Makes me feel that i am already independent girl..and so many positive effects in my life. Makes my life, without friends i am nothing..and...so many kind of feeling.
i experienced a lot here. When i am down..there's nothing to be worry. I have a lot of friends, they never put me down..besides..giving a part of all their strengths to me..no hesitate. I am so proud of having all of you as my friends.. By the time, it makes me feel that i am not playing a good role as a friend as what they had done to me..
i am crying right now. Why is it my tears was so cheap..maybe i should put a price tag with expensive price on my tears..So i won't cry because i have no money yet..
Friends..sorry for everything..Sorry for not let u lend my shoulder when you are cry.. sorry for making your heart hurt too much..sorry for not be such a good friend. sorry i can't do much for u..sorry for making u feel sick of me.. sorry for not being fair. U know what..being a person with a responsible is too hard. I have been someone important at school for many times..i had faced the challenged but in matrics ..it was totally difference. The situation was different. sometimes i am feeling too sick to handle it. i just want to leave all this behind..but i can't. Because i love all of u too much..
Just not to think about it now. What we have to do is put all the efforts that u hide all this while on this coming final exam..i know who we are..and we can do it.! Success :)

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